Panther Mindset

I know in these trying times we are seeing more dead black bodies at the drop of a dime- they try to kill us off and tell us we are not equal – what they will not tell you is that they fear you-  for years they told us we were stupid and we didn’t matter – they water down our history and even make Black History Month non valid and say its meaningless chit chatter –  we breastfed their babies, watched their kids after school , we taught their kids how to spell, and about life -you want to know why we had to watch them? – we had to watch them while they went out and exterminated more black life! – sheets over their faces then they go back to your average mailman – burning crosses in our yards in hopes we would be in fear of them! – Black lives matter when will you wake up and see they don’t give a damn about us- they give us the shortest month in the year and behind our backs celebrate how they use to lynch us! – But as blacks we are too stupid to pick up a book – know your history see where sagging really came from before you take on that look! – what’s cool to you is laughter to them because they know you can’t run too fast while your backside hangs out in the wind! – mental slavery is what this world has come to – as a black human being what is your initial reaction when the police is behind you? – don’t  answer I can answer it for you – you straighten up and your hands suddenly become 10 and 2! – Look I can preach to you all day and tell you something you never even knew – but what I will do is start my class off- the rest is up to you I did my part – just be careful before the wrong person  whose lights swirl light and dark blue SCHOOLS YOU!

Brittany ” BossLady” Johnson




An Eye Opener

I gave you the best me I could be I gave you every part of the word I love you and you still couldnt make time for me so I had to take the necessary steps in finding a way for you to see that if I were to leave that no other woman could or would compare to me I was there for you when all the chips were down I am still here for you and thats more than you can say for family and friends because when your back was against the wall I remained, I stayed, and I earned my crown its not about buying me expensive gifts or giving me the world its about respect, loving me, and making sure the world knows that it was me and I am she I am the one who you call baby girl I can buy me whatever it is I want never been the type to have my hand out looking for a come up let me upgrade you and show you what it is in life a woman and not a little girl really wants a lot of women look for love through gifts, bags, and jewelry but I am different I am not looking for anybody to take care of me Will I take care of you? Yes I will mentally and spiritually and I will make love to you anyway you want just so I can please your anatomy you just have to protect me how do you separate the girls from the women? a woman will be there through thick and thin a little girl will run during the first sign of trouble you get in  Ive never been a kept woman Im the type of woman you keep but in order for me to be that for you I need you beside me when I sleep I need you to man up and help me I need you to stop complaining about the cards life dealt you and we can rock to the same beat- listen to me and I will listen you wipe my tears because my hurt should be the only hurt that concerns you never be that superman for another woman when she is in need because thats like having 2 households you never know who to really feed! – as a woman I am jealous by nature and I be damned if I mold you and somebody else tries to claim you rub my back and I will rub yours you do the dishes and I will sweep the floors lets build, lets see tomorrow, lets live life and just reminisce lets give our kids something to be proud of and tell them about the 1st night that mommy and daddy met and how I was too shy and you stole your 1st kiss!


Brittany “BossLady ” Johnson


Although I try to keep my past in the rearview it’s one place I seem to always run back to Hidden Valley is a place where I saw and was taught a lot Hidden Valley is place where on the news they made it seem like if they didn’t like you then you may get shot it was a place of love a place I can still call home a place where if I am ever lost in my life I can go there and make it my own and the reason now I can make it on my own I lost a lot of friends throughout my childhood I have so many memories some good and some bad but when I look back on it I had a great childhood yes I did my fair share of dirt but I had a crew of friends that when I needed them they helped heal the hurt and at any given moment they were ready to put in work Hidden Valley is a place where either your parents grew up together or you were related its a family and some loved of but most of us were hated – I had a few run-ins and it made me a lot tougher and a lot stronger I remember block parties on Pondella and Bilmark and the parade coming down Snow White I remember just kicking it with my friends when I was supposed to be at home we were up partying and putting a few in the air all night I had my first fight in my moms front yard I remember hearing about one of my best friends Shulamite passing away and after that it made middle school a little hard Hidden Valley and the people in it we may fight amongst each other but no one else was allowed to do so Hidden Valley Elementary School back then we had real teachers who told you how life would really be teachers who taught and made sure that once we left that school we would be ready for anything like I said I lost a lot of friends throughout my childhood those that didn’t get a chance as soon as they smelt adulthood Mario was cool, Stephon, Derrick, Paco and even my homeboy Wayne Tron will never be forgotten and neither will Bo-Ski I still remember falling off my bike at 9 and Sweet Pea was on punishment but he lifted the window and sent his sister outside to check on me I have so memories I can go on for days- but for now I will end it by saying you just dont get that kind of love from anywhere nowadays…………………….

Brittany ” Bosslady” Johnson


Just My Thoughts

They say I have gotten soft and the edge I use to have is gone I guess because I dont ride around looking for a fight Im not me anymore I guess because when we were pee-wee’s and had beef I can’t see you and speak anymore I guess the definition of a woman is never growing up mentally seem like it’s cool to some to still have that on site, when and wherever mentality I got kids and a reason to live and if my growing up bothers you then my conversation I can no longer give it use to be a time where I was truly about that action but I had to open my eyes and realize the destiny I was after being known for the most fights never really appeased me and it should really stop after you have a child break water through your anatomy walking away doesnt make you soft it means you have grown and the words of others quickly drift off I lost my edge, I am no longer who I use to be, I quit smoking and drinking so to my old friends its hard to be around me well you always start with a crew, but as you get older that number trickles down to very few I can admit I use to buck with the best of them but I cant stay stuck in that mind frame because if I do I will be lost just like the rest of them my momma got them hands, my momma will beat you up on site, my momma put that work in you think that will really keep my family and I safe at night? I had to change me for them I had to wake up for them I had to put bs to the side for them I wish more saw it that way but unfortunately they don’t – but I can’t worry about them because while they continue to run around here and talk about how I have gotten soft I will continue to be the best better me I can be because while you still out here playing cops and robbers – maybe one day one of my children will represent you in hopes of you making bail and getting off!


Brittany “Bosslady” Johnson


Something to Ponder

how dare you expect for HIM to show up in your life or in your home but you can’t even take 5 minutes of your day and say thank you for making the devil leave me alone? – we expect the unexpected without giving HIM anytime at all – but you run to HIM when everything has gone wrong – you feel as though HE owes you something – but you can’t take the time out to say thank you for anything – thank you for the good and thank you for the bad – you can’t just praise HIM when you are up because not everything last – the bad times don’t always last but its up to you how your future coincides with your past – did you praise HIM in trying times? – did you thank HIM when you couldn’t pay your rent? – or did you get discouraged and run out and do something that was morally wrong but it put money in  your pocket quick? – HE gives you the tools you need to succeed in this life so that you can transfer blessings to the next life – but if you never take the time to read about what HE has in store for you – then be prepared for HIM to take HIS hands off of you – No I’m not a preacher, deaconess, youth ministry leader I’m none of the above – just someone who was put through a mighty test – and when I was going through – I had no choice I was backed in a corner – so all I could do was drop to my knees and call on the one who looks down on me from above………………..

Brittany “BossLady” Johnson




Beautiful Black Girl

If no one ever tells you this I love you- if no one ever breaks down your meaning let me school you- you see you are more than your hips, thighs, and lips – you are more than your body – hell if it wasn’t for you no one would exist – your body is more than just the next man’s playground – your worth is not between your legs, but what you hold within yourself deep down- you are more than a good time- as a black woman you hold the highest crown – your curves like no other – your lips as sultry as they come – the arch in your back  lets others in the room know a queen has  just come – never been the one to claim bad bitch status – always embraced my natural beauty due to my strong heritage-  my lips and hips perfectly kissed by the sun-  my  cheekbones sit so high as if they were waving in a parade – my rear in perfect stance to where it could balance a tall glass of country time lemonade –  my voice just the right pitch – not too high and not too low but just right so when I speak it’s as if you could hear  a crisp spring breeze blow- I have gone from a beautiful black girl to a beautiful black woman – My demeanor doesn’t just command but it demands your attention – I am proud to call every woman of color my sister –  men can’t seem to figure out what it is about us- all they know is that there is another environment or atmosphere that centers around us –  like the sun and moon follows only us – beautiful black girl hold your crown and where it well because as you get older – when you walk by in their eyes will be tears that could fill a whishing well…


Brittany “BossLady” Johnson

Just Be Yourself

You see here’s the thing people try to put me in a bubble or a box or try to make me into what they want – but after going through life, having kids, etc… I pretty much pick and choose the relationships I do and do not want– I can’t be who and what others would like for me to be – I have to travel this road called life and see what HE has set out for me – seems like when you try to find who you are on your own- people look at you differently and in their voice there lies a different tone- I have been called some of the most horrible things known to man all because of the choices I thought were best for me and the thing is I never turned to anyone and reached out my hand- I have been lied on, talked about, mistreated by family and so called friends – but at the end I saw what was best for me and to this day that is the reason I can stand – never live your life to appease others – you have to live for you – you can’t be put in someone else’s back pocket and make an appearance when they feel it’s best for you – live life for yourself and learn from each mistake – and always remember that if given another chance take that opportunity and make the best out of that day – every day is not promised so you have to live each day to please you – and if those around you really love you they will never drop the ball when it comes to supporting and being there for you – moral of the story just be yourself and always put that person looking in the mirror first because that person  looking back will always be you………..

Brittany ” BossLady” Johnson




Everything I write about is not my own personal experience just things I have heard, read, or a close peer felt the need to share their experience – I may step on a few toes when I deliver my message, but if you want Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes you need to find the closes exit- Hell I step on my own feet to the point I need to take off my shoes, let my feet breathe, and allow my ego to go hide in the nearest room- life throws us all a different curve ball, but its up to you if you can stand the test/storm or to the devils temptation you will fall – am I perfect? Nope not by a long shot – I still backslide, curse like a sailor, and cut my eyes at somebody who has truly pissed me the hell off ! – but the thing about me is I can admit my rights, wrongs, and my flaws – its only a problem when you can’t see the harm, the wrong, or the evil that you and only you have caused – take a look at your phone and see who calls, texts, or even emails you and if you gotta do a second take because you now notice your contacts are down to very few – not by choice, but because those you were once close with have now decided they must depart from you – I need you to understand just because we grew up together does not mean we grew together – you find out who really has your best interest at heart when you endure the coldest weather- the storm that has been set out for you will keep those around you who will forever support you – the crew you started with will never be the crew you end with! Before its all over it will drop down to only a few-  growth is the ability to let something or someone go so that you can better yourself – again I am not perfect and I to have struggled with letting those people go who are dead weight, but I have to cut all ties and strings and let them go and find my purpose – so that I can enter a better and more peaceful space………….


Brittany “BossLady” Johnson