Black History Month

another year and Black History Month is slowly but surely being fizzled out- every time I watch the news another cop shooting and the victim seems to be black, but for some reason nobody has figured this bullshit out!- The 13th Amendment took us from slaves to probation- and what’s crazy to me is we all end up in the same situation?- black father out of the home, black mother left all alone, and the system will help you out as long as the father can never re-enter the home- niggas still praying and screaming to a white Jesus- Black History Month is a time to get to really know who you are- but I guess my last sentence was out of line- I guess I took it too far- you ever go to a Asian community and see a white God?- what about a Mexican or Vietnamese community?- I can answer that for you NO  you don’t, but a black community with worship the same person that keeps them oppressed- then you wonder why on your head you carry so much stress! – your God looks just like you!- we derived from Kings and Queens- I’m the product of royalty I don’t know about you- Mansa Musa was the wealthiest man known to man, but all that shit changed when he decided to share his wealth with the white man- robbed him and took his shit right from under his eyes- now when you see your paycheck you niggas act surprised!- we didn’t derive from slavery contrary to what the SCHOOL SYSTEM tells you-  and Christianity is NOT for us! – that shit was created to continuously enslave us- but you can’t tell these fools nothing- keep reading that recycled Bible and believing in a man created to enslave you- yes God is real but you can miss me with this blonde haired, blue eyed, pale face white dude! – in that famous picture, do you know who you are even praying to?-Black History Month is almost history itself- do yourself a favor stop waiting for schools to teach you about your damn self!


Brittany “BossLady” Johnson


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Playing Victim

well its time I get this off my chest since every time I come around its YALL who seem to be stressed- throwing stones and hiding your hand-can never take responsibility for your actions-always playing the blame game and pointing fingers at the next man- at some point that shit gets old- at some point you should grow up- but it seems its too late for your mindset is stuck- quoting bible scriptures YOU don’t even live by- so at this time I think I will find the nearest exit, stage left, and chuck the deuces pretty much before I block my blessings time to say goodbye- always and I do mean ALWAYS quoting Exodus 20:12 but for some reason you can’t find Ephesians 6:4- don’t look for sympathy when this hell is something YOU brought to your front door!- I just don’t get it I’m now giving you what you both seem to want- you should have never had another child especially if I was only here to take the blame- you should have never had me to keep the father knowing he was never going to change- sorry I remind you of how you failed your oldest daughter but its not my fault that due to your lack of parenting when it comes to showing you respect she is the parent and you are the daughter! I have said all I needed and that I am going to say years ago I cried, but not today- I’m older, wiser, and a lot stronger than you will ever be- just because you gave birth doesn’t make you a mother and just because you made a baby doesn’t make you a father- so good luck in life- but I got to look out for me and mine because unlike you two- I never put one against the other and the way they feel I will always see it through- you can’t say oh I don’t talk to- the problem isn’t my not talking- the problem is I bring the truth to you!- looking in that mirror is something a lot can’t do- and to think I use to look up to you??- but now when I look up I see that I have surpassed you?- oh well they say age doesn’t give you wisdom experience does- now as I move along with my life you can look at old pictures and see what once was………………………………..

Brittany “BossLady” Johnson

Set Free

sometimes tension can get the best of you, even grudges can hold back the best part of you, but the fact remains the same I’m tired of stressing the same issue toward you- family or not I can do better without the headache, judgment, and lies that come from you- just a spectator in a family in which my blood bleed red just like you- but for some reason you can’t seem to use the same pen in which you use on me to use for you- tired of just having to get this off my chest-how many times must I keep telling you the same thing but my boundaries you just don’t respect-the love is still here my presents will no longer be felt- in due time not listening with your 2 ears will be something that you regret!- not seeing the favoritism that you have shown your children- all I’m asking is that you wear your part and fix it!- I’m disrespectful for telling the truth-sorry I’m no longer a puppet and what you have and have not done is something that hurts you!- this family is something I really wasn’t supposed to be a part of yall got what yall wanted you never asked for another one- the proof is in action not in the words- so I will do you all a favor and bow out gracefully and take care of my daughter and sons- all that crying and shedding tears that was years ago- now its your turn too bad I no longer have tissue that’s just the way things are going to go! – in due time hopefully you all see your ways but until then- I got a trail to blaze!- I wish you all the best and whatever life has to offer but don’t look for me to beg or borrow. I did my part I have been set free and if ever you wonder why I disappeared start from the beginning of this poem and hopefully your apology reaches me!


Brittany “BossLady” Johnson


to say that our justice system has failed would be an understatement –  but what pisses me off is the fact that they kill us right in front of our own faces-  video footage, camera phones, even news papers- but they still get off and leaving us with the same long faces- fighting the same fight since Malcom and Martin- leads to me to ask this question how did all of this get started??- Cointelpro used to setup and destroy the Black Panther Party and for those of you who are still sleep that stands for Counter Intelligence Program – Just google that’s how I got started- but you know what they say if you want to hide something from niggas just put it in a book- so that’s what piss them off when I open my mouth you can tell I read books-  Trump ain’t shit and neither is his entire cabinet- he came for the Obama Administration regarding a birth certificate, but his wife doesn’t speak good English so how can the pot call the kettle anything?- public lynching of Trayvon, Keith, Philando, Freddy, Eddie, Tamir the list can go on and on- let us kill one of theirs and see if they still sing the same song- killing the oppressed is nothing new- the only difference is that today’s technology brings it closer to you- the images, the graphics, the anger of it all- and for those of you who aren’t angry or even appalled- look at you kids and ask yourself if that were your child wouldn’t you want justice for all??- a black life has no meaning or even value- but when its time to kick or dribble a ball they put us on a pedestal- I’m going to end this like this- I’m black and proud to be so in order for my kids to grow I have to feed them with knowledge and integrity- Black Panther Party, Black Lives Matter, they all uphold a dream, but before you silence me- I would rather die on my feet than live on me knees……….


Brittany “BossLady” Johnson



Queendom Come

As I adjust my crown- Thick lips- skin tone brown-  short in stature but never too small to get at you- didn’t jump off  the porch I eased up with a slow bob- don’t mistake me for cocky just a very confident one-  never arrogant I know when to toot my own horn- my crown sits high like the very essence I came from- my strong back built for carrying- wide hips made for bearing- smart tongue due to swearing- fist fights due to not caring-  ambitious is my nature- if we don’t see eye to eye two fingers to you I’ll see you later- never the one to judge not a know it all- just cant be around those who have an I.Q of dumb- in due time it will be my time to shine- never in a rush I believe in a slow but steady grind- because of my frame I get mistaken for ladies who like to dutty wind-  I’ve already introduced me if you need a refresher course Google me- I’m that country chick name Boss Lady- Queendom Come is the name of this and once I swing I never miss- as I slow stroke with my sharpie, choo-choo, or number 2- sit back and enjoy the ride because making love with words is something I love to do- and just like milk I do a body good to…………………..



Brittany “BossLady” Johnson




My Own Competition

It is only me that can beat me- It’s only me that can fail me- I only compete with the one who looks back at me in the mirror and that is ME- I run this race with me- so when shit starts to slow down I can blame nobody but me-  never the one to let the next get to me so I stay in my own lane- those H.O.V. lanes on the highway were meant for ME- I am my own worse enemy, my biggest critic, the one who see’s all the flaws in me- I am the one who coaches myself and will not allow myself to fail or fall because that’s not in me- I am the nightmares that keep me up and I can also be a beautiful dream- either way it goes I see no competition because it is only me that can stop me!- I don’t wake up from fairytales or puppy filled dreams- I wake up and ask myself how can I defeat the yesterday in me- Yesterday is gone, today is here, and tomorrow is never promised so before its over for me- I will make sure I fulfill the maximum amount of potential in me- I’m my own competition the one who see’s the good and bad within me- my own competition the one who dismissed herself out of circles because they weren’t big enough to hold me- my own competition the one who remains focused and dismisses herself if the conversation is beneath me- my own competition the one who isn’t afraid to lose it all and start over because that is the hunger in me- my own competition- the one who wears multiple hats so if your work ethic doesn’t match or supersede mine- then in my path you weren’t meant to be!





Brittany “BossLady” Johnson

Warm Up

I took a break had to sharpen my wordplay- had to take a step back and evaluate the words I had to say- had to make sure my comeback was anticipated; meaning they took in what I said so now they are ready for what I have to say- had to make sure my tools could be used to inform, school, and teach- not like these false prophets who put suits on trying to preach- as always I give a disclaimer I may step on your toes in this process, but don’t take offense because every now and then your teeth tell your tongue to quit starting shit!- I step on my own toes- I sit back and check me because if I can be the checker then I have to be able to disagree with me- this is my word warm up my word exercise if you please- this is how I get ready to feed the need- the need for the truth- the need for knowledge- the need to feed those who can’t see pass the bullshit or the drama- can’t see pass the broken promises and empty dreams- a street poet if you will- so don’t be fooled by my glasses; class didn’t teach me this skill- my mouth is slick but my pen is slicker so I won’t hurt you physically although I can but its safer on paper- So I make no time to see the white man- I can’t catch a case by putting together words real quick- so I sooth my soul and write these words down so with my sharpie, number 2, or even my choo choo I can so eloquently tell you to suck my dick- this exercise of mine is coming to a close- my ghetto gospel is dedicated to those- pimps, drug dealers, and prostitutes I never knock anybody’s hustle because through your stories I use literature to salute!





Brittany ” BossLady” Johnson

Truth Hurts

I was taught early to depend on myself due to lack of support from the ones that I thought would give their last breath- never the one to be coddled or even spooned- I guess from day one I had a mission soon as I came out the womb- sitting back in awe and disbelief sometimes I can’t believe that this is the person who raised me?- grades remained passing, but my focus was on something bigger- always been the black sheep, the outcast, the one that seem to be different- I marched to my own beat-  so the attention for negativity was always on me- the scapegoat of the family, but hey somebody got to play that role- but things got heated when I decided to switch my goals- in the path to find me I lost them- can’t say I’m mad just disappointed that you still can’t see your own bullshit- but I digress certain things are no longer for me-like kissing the ass of someone who can’t contribute positivity or anything to me- I’ll let you all have that and  you can remain asleep as the world and myself grows bigger- because I’m on a quest to better myself, my family and find me- I may step on some toes and I may even hurt a few souls, but being dishonest isn’t in me- so as soon as you wake up then maybe you should reach out to me- maybe you should find yourself, your backbone, or even your dignity and then find me- the wave length and the path that we are on does not seem to be connecting- is it because I have grown and you all have remained stagnant? – or is it that you are ok with being known as a has been?- once you remove your head from the ass that keeps you- then you can see why your flesh and blood keeps her distance from you- no grudge not even a tear to shed but that book you clutch so tight- go back and read the story of Cain and Abel and then you will see why in your family there lies so much pain and strife- you can’t preach the word without being willing to be taught- so in this message I will leave you with my final thought- in my eyes you are a hypocrite and very contradictory by nature- just sad to say that you can’t see after a man gets to know you he no longer wants to save you- that trait you have passed down to your very first seed- now I will sit back and watch her children destroy her just as you have done your seeds………

Brittany “BossLady” Johnson